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Client Feedback

It’s always good to get some positive feedback from a client. It makes the recipient feel appreciated and helps potential new clients to build trust in their employee. So here are a few comments that have been made recently, all are genuine testimonies. So, if you have any comments that you would like to share with prospective clients then please feel free to fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Thank you so much,

Tim Hollingworth

Hey Tim,
Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how grateful I am for all your work on the videos! It’s not just been amazing for getting the business off the ground but more importantly (even though the business is HUGELY important!) thanks to you, I’m more confident. Yours are the first videos that I’ve ever watched of myself that I didn’t hate. Because of you, managing to get me to be me, I can now be confident in myself which is HUGE.
So, aside from your amazing time, editing capabilities and coaching throughout, you give people confidence too. I honestly can’t thank you enough! I can’t wait to be able to repay the favour by bringing work your way.

Thanks again Tim, you’re AWESOME! xx
Kind regards,
The Wellness Team
Tel: 0114 4000 012

Email from Leone Starr – Director

Tim was patient, clear and very helpful. We really liked the final film.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for event filming.

Tricia Curmi – Head of Communications, What Works Centre for Wellbeing

Very co-operative, planned, pleasant and diligent ! 
Tim has been a delight to work with. This particular promo shoot was a last minute job that demanded an output of a studio in a crumbling stadium, in limited resources. Tim reached the location much before time, scouted for the best possible spot and created a studio in wilderness !
The result was smashing and all of us were happy.
I will work with him again and again if an opportunity arises.
Thank you Tim.

Loveena Tanndon – India Today www.indiatoday.intoday.in

We used Tim to film and edit the first ever Rate Your Landlord award ceremony and found him to be very easy to collaborate with. He quickly understood what we wanted to achieve and was able to help us out at short notice. He went beyond what I expected on the night providing advice when gathering interviews with landlords to make sure their answers were framed so these could easily be edited down for the final product. He turned around the final video very quickly which was important for us to promote the event online and we hope to be able to work with him on future projects.

Andrew Liveseywww.unipol.org.uk

Tim is a professional, talented and easy going cameraman. I am based in London and needed a cameraman near Leeds to film my comedy opera act and started googling local camera people. Tim’s website stood out as someone who was professional and very experienced. From the first phone call to the final edit he was extremely helpful, positive and knew what sort of promo video I had in mind. On the day he was punctual, helpful, polite and did a fantastic recording of our 30 minute show using two cameras. I had asked for his help editing the show into a 3 minute show reel and before I even had a chance to send him sections I liked, he had emailed me an example. As soon as I saw it I was so impressed with the quality of editing, his understanding of what sections needed to be included and the way he layered the interview, footage and songs together. He was also so accommodating and punctual with sending through small changes required during the editing stage. I am absolutely delighted with the end result and it is exactly what I was after in order to promote my show and to give event organisers a good idea of the act.Thanks Tim and I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting a professional, friendly and talented cameraman.

Saira Luther – Opera Singer www.sairaluther.co.uk

I found Tim purely by accident. From his website, he seemed to offer just what I was after – but you never quite know whether the person will do a good job. You have to speak to Tim to understand who you are dealing with. Such a caring, passionate and committed person, who will do his very best to deliver what you need. Right from the onset, he knew exactly what we were after. He has a huge amount of experience and worked with us to create an interview we would only get one shot to take. The quality was outstanding, both in video footage and sound. The video editing and graphics far exceed my expectations. His calming and reassuring manner made everyone feel good and I can honestly say I was so impressed with the outcome. There genuinely is only one person I will be approaching for any future work, and that’s Tim Hollingworth.

Amrit Sandhar – The Engagement Coach www.theengagementcoach.co.uk

I am a foreign correspondent based in London for the last 30 years. I had to recently do a TV story in Leeds for my monthly programme “The Sounds of Big Ben,” for the Greek state TV channell ERT. I picked through the Internet Tim Hollingworth and it proved to be an excellent choice. Tim is an excellent cameraman with a first class professional attitude. The end product in my case was a fine TV work, my editor in Athens was extremely please with Tim’s work. Tim seems to have the attitude of trying to get the best images and he takes initiatives. I really look forward to work with him again in the near future.

Labis Tsirigotakis – Greek Correspondent

Having made over 200 videos for clients such as BP, Centrica, Shell, Total and Vauxhall Motors, Tim Hollingworth has always been my go-to guy for a top-notch lighting cameraman. As an experienced editor as well, he has the skill and experience to quickly interpret what a director or client is looking for, as well as an eye for spotting the shot to add that extra dimension. A talent that has undoubtedly played a key role in the numerous awards some of the programmes we have worked on together have achieved. Professional, affable and a good team play, Tim has always been well liked and respected by crew, cast and clients alike. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a freelance cameraman or to anyone wanting to commission their own video production.

Alan Davies – Producer, Director www.tva.co.uk

Trying to explain the high level of Tim’s work and expertise is difficult to put into words. To experience Tim’s professionalism you have to work alongside him. Tim’s contribution to our projects is second to none and he’s has been a valued member of our camera team for many years and I’d highly recommend his skills. Just don’t mention the Moon Landing or his opinion of 911. Be prepared for a long answer.

Andy Green Leagus Video

Once you’ve worked with him, who wouldn’t recommend Tim?
Doesn’t waste time, but doesn’t miss anything out.
Charming, unflappable and as others have already said – creative and committed.

Lynda Brook – Director at Green Training Works Ltd

Tim created a fantastic film for our presentation event with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP, and over 60 young people. When hiring freelance staff you do not know how good the service will be, but Tim was the best cameraman we’ve ever had. He was punctual, professional and very receptive to our needs and made everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. The final film was very high quality and has been extremely well received by all our partners. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tim to anyone wanting an experienced and professional cameraman / producer / editor – we will definitely use him again in the future.

Jon Fitzmaurice – Projects & Research Manager

It can be difficult to judge a cameraman just on the basis of a website, but Tim produced a high quality finished edit. We offered a rather vague brief, but he understood exactly what was required of the project and completed it promptly. Tim filmed a series of vox pops for our project, working in local Tesco stores interviewing customers. Although we asked him to work in a cramped and busy environment, the interviews were clear, perfectly framed, with no background interruption. Our client was completely satisfied with the work produced – for the next project we would definitely work with Tim again.

Chloe Emerson – Account Manager www.facefactsresearch.com

It went down brilliantly thanks! The Hi Def looked great and the backdrop of the McCain banner, in ‘soft’ focus looked really good. The sound was really clear, and the edit worked really well – all in all – a good job sir!
Thank you Tim.

Michael Fryer – www.starrconsulting.co.uk

I’ve just had a look at the trailer you did for You Tube and I’m absolutely thrilled, it looks fabulous!!!
Thank you so much for doing this, I’m just so happy with the results of the DVD and now this trailer, amazing!
I can’t wait to get a link to this on my website and I’m itching to get the DVDs so I can start selling them. Thanks again for all your hard work, it’s been such good fun doing this and you made the whole thing so straightforward that I’m considering doing part two early next year… let’s see how the first one sells!

Natalia Colmanwww.stylespecialists.co.uk

I have enjoyed working with Tim for 20 years. He contributes greatly to a relaxed and cheerful working atmosphere; enabling me, as Presenter, and the rest of the crew to give our best work. He has always been calm and efficient and able to tell the story clearly and effectively with his excellent photography. Always getting the job done on time or, more often than not, ahead of schedule. I look forward to repeating that working experience again soon

Rob Whelan – Presenter

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