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Canon 70mm 200mm f4 Lens Focus Fix In 5 Mins

If you have one of these lenses, a Canon 70mm – 200mm f4, then you will know that they fail after a few years. The manual focus will seem disconnected from the focusing glass inside, while the auto-focus works annoyingly well. I bought mine secondhand from eBay and I remember it was slipping very slightly […]

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Mindfulness Workshop

I was asked to record a Mindfulness Workshop Promotion video for my client Diana Luke. The venue was the beautiful Hassop Hall in Derbyshire’s peak District. The idea was to shoot a few vox pops of the delegates before the workshop and several more at the end of the days course. I also needed footage […]

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Angel Wisdom Workshop

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I have completed the edit for a recent production called Angel Wisdom Workshop for a long-term client. The project was to have an online workshop for people wanting to learn more about angels. This would include, practical ways to build angelic connections, guardian angel meditations, keeping an angel journal, angel numbers and symbols and a […]

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