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Freelance Cameraman

Tim Hollingworth – Canon 5D mk III – Freelance Cameraman

Hello, my name is Tim Hollingworth and I’m a self employed video cameraman. Being freelance means that I’m able to work for video production companies, corporate businesses and even individuals. So if you’re in the people business (and who isn’t?) and you’re looking for a freelance cameraman Leeds or Sheffield area to film some “talking heads” i.e. interviews, vox pops, presentation, testimonials, product demonstration or any pieces to camera for your next conference, corporate video, or even your company website, then please give me a call first!

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My specialty is recording people! Whether it’s an in-depth interview with the CEO or gathering the thoughts of random people in the street. I like to think that my filming skills and enthusiasm help to bring out the best in everyone that appears in front of my lens, both visually and audibly.

So I believe that sound is equally important when filming “talking heads!” If you can’t properly hear what the subject is saying, then what’s the point of a moving picture? That’s why I use a couple of professional Sennheiser radio mikes to capture every nuance of the required audio.

The wonderful thing about the Canon 5D mkIII is that it is a full fame 35mm digital camera, which means that it has a cinematic feel to the picture quality. The background can be thrown out of focus and therefore the foreground subject is captured in sharp contrast.

Freelance Cameraman 2018 Showreel – All shot on my Canon 5DmkIII

That’s why I use the unobtrusive Canon 5D Mk III camera along with a pro radio mike system. Together they make for a compact and light weight production unit. And combined with my lighting equipment and years of experience I can produce some of the best quality sound and picture videos you will ever see and hear! The camera files are Full HD 1920×1080 .MOV with stereo 48MHz 16 bit audio.

You may even be a newcomer to video or presenting, if so I can bring a wealth of broadcast television, video and film experience in the shape of tips and tricks of the trade that I have picked up through years working in the industry.

Have you got video on your website?

Please have a look at the videos on the Showreel Page which may give you an idea of what I have done for my many and various clients and what I could do for you too as a freelance cameraman.

If it’s appropriate I can edit the footage and upload to your own password protected personal page on my website, for fast download transference to your computer. Or you can have the finished raw footage for your in-house editor to compile and publish.

If you need a hosting site for your video I can upload it on your behalf onto your own YouTube or Vimeo account and/or create a bespoke cost-effective website. By creating a high-ranking on Google, this will get your video in front of your potential new customers and clients, without doubt, it’s the way forward in communications.

As a freelance cameraman Leeds located in West Yorkshire, most of my work is around the cities of Leeds, Bradford, Manchester and Sheffield but I have traveled further afield to almost every town and city in the UK, as well as working overseas in many cities in Europe.

Several production companies in the Yorkshire & London area use my services as freelance cameraman and I am always interested in meeting new clients and fulfilling their brief for a video production.

What does a freelance cameraman cost?

My rate for filming is £300 + Vat and expenses per day.

I look forward to talking with you soon, and thank you for getting this far on my website!
Please get in touch via my Contact Page

Tim Hollingworth - Canon 5D mk III Freelance Cameraman

Tim Hollingworth – Canon 5D mk III Freelance Cameraman

Author: Tim Hollingworth
Freelance Cameraman Leeds Sheffield
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