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Whitney Houston Hologram World Tour

A client rang and said, “Can you film in Sheffield tomorrow. It’s the Whitney Houston Hologram World Tour.” Yes absolutely!” I said, “it sounds brilliant!” The show consists of a hologram of Whitney using her original voice with a live backing band, backing singers and dancers. The one evening at the start of the Whitney […]

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Latest Video Project From Amey

Got a call from Amey asking if I could adjust their existing Computer Generated Graphics video to be more more acceptable for social media. Their video is a fly by of the new Stafford Western Approach Rout, or SWAR as it’s known. It’s in three parts. The first fly through follows the new route through […]

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Corporate Video for Social Media

Before Christmas I was approached by Leone Starr from The Wellness Team to create a corporate video for social media. It was a simple shoot with two cameras and Leone being the talking head. It was shot against a white background and had a simple logo and captions on the right hand side. The object […]

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