Corporate Video for Social Media

Before Christmas I was approached by Leone Starr from The Wellness Team to create a corporate video for social media. It was a simple shoot with two cameras and Leone being the talking head. It was shot against a white background and had a simple logo and captions on the right hand side.

The object was to create a short video for their website that prompted the viewer to click a link to view a further video with her five top tips to gain a better work life balance for the viewers staff.

Unfortunately I cannot show the second video with the Five Top Tips but here is the link to The Wellness Team website if you would like to hear Leone’s Top Tips for Corporate Wellbeing Solutions.

As a bit of fun, I also created an out takes video with Leone saying sorry during the recording. The result can be seen below from their Linked in post. How many sorries can you count?

Client Feedback

Hey Tim,
Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how grateful I am for all your work on the videos! It’s not just been amazing for getting the business off the ground but more importantly (even though the business is HUGELY important!) thanks to you, I’m more confident. Yours are the first videos that I’ve ever watched of myself that I didn’t hate. Because of you, managing to get me to be me, I can now be confident in myself which is HUGE.
So, aside from your amazing time, editing capabilities and coaching throughout, you give people confidence too. I honestly can’t thank you enough! I can’t wait to be able to repay the favour by bringing work your way. Thanks again Tim, you’re AWESOME! xx
Kind regards,
The Wellness Team
Tel: 0114 4000 012

Email from Leone Starr – Director

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