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Whitney Houston Hologram World Tour

A client rang and said, “Can you film in Sheffield tomorrow. It’s the Whitney Houston Hologram World Tour.” Yes absolutely!” I said, “it sounds brilliant!” The show consists of a hologram of Whitney using her original voice with a live backing band, backing singers and dancers. The one evening at the start of the Whitney […]

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Wingman Interviews Laura Massaro

If you were at the Manchester City v Swansea game on Sunday you may have seen the following video on the big screen in City Square. It’s a short clip with City’s Wingman DJ interviewing Laura Massaro the International Squash Player. I shot it at the National Squash Centre in the MCFC Etihad Campus. I […]

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My Phone Not On Silent At Conference

Working as a cameraman at a recent conference, I forgot to put my phone on silent and the inevitable happened. Usually, I ask people to turn off, or at least have their phones on silent when I am filming an interview. This is a preventative measure as it may just ring at a very inappropriate […]

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Interview In Dublin

I got a call from a London company that wanted me to shoot an interview similar to a recent job that I did for them in York. I was asked to travel to Ireland on 11 th September 2015 and film their client for an upcoming conference. They had already tried to secure a local […]

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