Wingman Interviews Laura Massaro

If you were at the Manchester City v Swansea game on Sunday you may have seen the following video on the big screen in City Square. It’s a short clip with City’s Wingman DJ interviewing Laura Massaro the International Squash Player.

I shot it at the National Squash Centre in the MCFC Etihad Campus. I only had a short time to grab a quick interview and some general shots of them playing squash. The whole piece was to be around two minutes and have humerous content which would introduce Laura on stage at the stadium. I used a couple of Sennheiser radio mikes, one for each player to capture any humerous interaction while playing.

Camera Two

For a wider camera angle, I had a second Canon 5DmkIII camera with the 24-105mm lens positioned at the back of the seating area to film their game. I used my 70-200mm lens to grab action close ups of the players from a low window in the centre of the court.

Finally there was a short round up and a call to action from Wingman and Laura and that was the filming completed. Now came the edit, which was done onsite for Oliver the events producer with Manchester City Football Club to sign off.

The short promotional video as seen live at the Manchester City FC Etihad Stadium on Sunday 5th February

The edit went well with a few alterations and input from Oliver. The larger than usual Lower Third titles were requested so they could easily be read on the giant stadium screens. I followed the MCFCtv design criteria and were created on my laptop using Adobe After Effects. The Man City colour I used was #6BADDF and the font Gotham Bold.

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