Whitney Houston Hologram World Tour

Whitney Houston Hologram World Tour

A client rang and said, “Can you film in Sheffield tomorrow. It’s the Whitney Houston Hologram World Tour.” Yes absolutely!” I said, “it sounds brilliant!” The show consists of a hologram of Whitney using her original voice with a live backing band, backing singers and dancers. The one evening at the start of the Whitney Houston Hologram World Tour, turns into four nights. Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and London, with talk of filming parts of the European tour at Paris and possibly Amsterdam. The American social media production team are doing a great job. They are producing new content all the time for Whitney fans. Are you excited about seeing the upcoming shows.

Social Media Video

Here is the official Instagram video release from the Whitney Houston social media team. All the live footage was captured at the very start of the tour in Sheffield by myself and my camera at the rehearsals and live on the opening night. Official Whitney Houston website link.


Stills and Video

Years ago I saw Whitney singing live in concert, sadly she was not at her best. Today, this hologram is amazingly effective at showing Whitney at her peak, on stage again for her many appreciative fans, world wide. Two days ago, I remember filming from the back of the stalls in the Manchester O2 Apollo with a wildly appreciative audience. Every one knew the words and were singing along with Whitney! It was quite the emotional experience I hadn’t anticipated. Now watch out on Instagram for the latest info from the tour. I hope my photographs, and video, show you how amazing the hologram looks on stage. There again, actually seeing it for yourself, is way better!

Whitney Houston Hologram World Tour
Whitney Houston Hologram World Tour – Photograph by me Tim Hollingworth

Don’t Miss Out!

To anyone who is thinking about getting tickets to the show, I would say hurry up as they are selling out fast. As it is a spectacular event that any true Whitney fan wouldn’t want to miss. I don’t regret for one minute that I am part of this continuing experience.

Facebook Video – Whitney Houston

Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes at the dance audition for An Evening With Whitney Tour with world famous director and choreographer Fatima Robinson.

Behind the scenes auditions for The Whitney Houston Hologram World Tour