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Sound Quality is Most Important

The Equipment I use

senheiser-mke-400Many people overlook sound or give it less that a priority. If you can’t hear clearly what’s being said then you are insulting your listeners. Most videos are audio led with illustrative moving pictures, specially in interview based production. Take away the picture and you can follow the message with audio alone. But turn off the audio or have poor distant sound, then that ruins the story entirely making people switch off.

seneiser-radio-micsThat’s why I always use broadcast quality tie clip radio mikes on my shoots. I have two Sennheiser EW100 G3 tie-clip radio mikes with two receivers. This allows me to record two people on separate channels. Allowing more flexibility in the edit to adjust either channels volume to match. I also use the Rycote fluffy wind jammers if recording outside as they eliminate any wind noise allowing only the required voice to be heard.

largeSKM-100-835-G3For vox-pops where a “reporter” is asking questions to random people, I use the Sennheiser SKM100 G3 radio hand mike. This has a beautiful audio quality and is reliable and hiss free and totally independent to roam away from the camera.

I also have a Sony gun mike with a Rycote-Softie and a Rode pistol grip. This is attached with an XLR cable to the iRig Pre. This is a tiny device with a 9 volt battery that supplies audio to the camera and 48v phantom power supply to the microphone. This again is a noise free option when required. It can be mounted on a boom mike stand if required and works really well outside in windy conditions.

senheiser-mke-400For ambient sound I have a small Sennheiser camera gun mike MKE 400 mounted on top of the camera with its own Fluffy. This records front facing audio and cuts off side and rear noise to a very good degree. It is a 100 times better than the cameras built in microphone, which I have modified a little by placing a small fluffy patch over the tiny microphone hole. This helps a lot in breezy conditions if no audio is required and I’m not using the tiny gun mike.

To monitor all this sound I have a small pair of folding Sennheiser headphones PX-100 II which have really good transducers and reproduce a deep bass and good top end frequencies.

If you have any questions about the audio equipment I use then please call or drop me a line and I will help all I can to resolve your questions. Just press the button below…

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