Presentation Video For Team Meeting

This was a simple job to start with, as it was a case of filming a CEO talking to camera and editing it together. The project was to create an introduction to a safety event using Team Meeting and held virtually. Remember this was during the lock-down malarkey and we all had to wear masks and social distance. A crew based on the island of Jersey, filmed all the B roll footage, (not shown on this short video) as we weren’t allowed to travel.

The crew unfortunately filmed in 4K and to make matters worse used a LOT of slow motion footage. The download and extra file conversion from 8 track .MXF to MP4, took 7 days with a total of 500GB. This was before I could even begin editing. Sadly I was on a fixed price contract of one day filming and 2 days editing, which would have been OK were it not for an un-budgeted 7 day diversion.

Eventually the edit went very well and it was completed within the time allowed. But we had complaints that the completed file I had sent by WeTransfer would not play. We were trying to figure out the problem, as the file looked great before sending. To cut a long story short, it turned out they were trying to play it online, instead of downloading it and then playing the video. A lesson learned by all.

CEO’s safety message on video to distant staff through Team Meetings. – 2021

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