New Business Cards

I recently ran out of new business cards so I quickly got to work and created a couple of designs online in the space of half an hour and ordered 500 of each. It was very easy I have to say!

I used Vistaprint who happen to be in Holland, but don’t let that put you off. The process of creating your own design is pretty easy. You have the choice of using hundreds of different formats or themes with an option of featuring your logo or image, even as a background.

Freelance Cameraman New Business Cards
Freelance Cameraman New Business Cards

Freelance cameraman new business cards

I chose to create a new business card with an image background with text that matched the colours of my website.

You don’t need super high resolution photographs for it to look pretty good, as it’s a small image when printed. The picture was taken on my iPhone by a colleage from O2 when I was in London filming from the top of the Hilton hotel where O2 have their mobile phone transmitting masts.

The view over London looked great as the storm clouds were rolling in and we finished filming just before the rain hit.

The turn around from design to dropping through my letterbox was very fast, even without paying extra for a faster shipping option. I was so impressed with the quality and delivery that I decided to have some more cards printed for my other WordPress business interest.

Wordpress Guru New Business Cards
WordPress Guru New Business Cards

WordPress guru new business cards

Websites and all things internet connected have been a passion of mine since the days of my first computer in 1996. The glorious days of Windows 95 and a dial-up speed of 28.8Kbps to 33.6Kbps all before Google was a twinkle in the eye of its creators.

Screen resolution was a mere 800×600 pixels and I had created a cutting edge audio streaming website using 2Mb webspace at Aol using Real Player. (You could get 20 minutes of audio in a 2Mb file.) I have been building websites ever since and now offer a quick install and setup for WordPress.

Would I recommend Vistaprint

Yes, I highly recommend using Vistaprint because it is a simple process and they have a high quality finish and fast delivery. They not only print business cards they just about print anything on anything. From mugs to hats and polo shirts to mouse mats.