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Got a call from Amey asking if I could adjust their existing Computer Generated Graphics video to be more more acceptable for social media. Their video is a fly by of the new Stafford Western Approach Rout, or SWAR as it’s known. It’s in three parts. The first fly through follows the new route through the existing landscape. Then there are graphical changes depicting areas of technical issues. The final fly through follows the new route as if it is completed.

The idea was to have captions that popped up that explained some of the opportunities and benefits of the new route. Mixed in with information about the project. I suggested creating a voice over to the guided tour allowing the viewer to concentrate on the computer generated 3D video.

It was then that they decided to have two versions of the video. One to run on a silent loop with captions so that it could be used at presentations. The other would be used with music and a commentary as a stand alone social media promotion of the new project.

After writing the script and getting it checked for correct content, it was then adjusted to match in with the video. Remember the video was a set length and was unable to be lengthened.

I created a couple of opening captions and the title screen. I decided it needed an aerial view with a graphic of the new road wiping across the screen to match in with the new words that described the route. This was generated from Google Earth and one of its clever tools, Movie Maker. It works by creating a place mark for the start and end of the sequence then allowing Movie maker to generate the required frames in between.

Here are both the captioned video and the music and voice over versions.

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