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Laptop Editing on Location

Sometimes I am asked to edit on location for a fast turnaround of a job. For this I use my HP laptop with 8Gb of RAM and an external 1Tb hard drive. All I need is a desk, mains supply and headphones to create the magic.

Prince Charles Live Event

One memorable edit was for the #iWill Campaign in Livingston Scotland at the Sky Academy Skills Studio. There were four crews in different parts of the UK and we all had to edit two clips from our footage into a 70 second piece to be sent down to London to beat the 13:30 deadline.

leagus-tim-editMyself and Andy from Leagus were working for Paradigm Creative and had filmed a couple of interviews and several groups of people learning the basics of video. Some were using green screen and some were learning the ins and outs of a news studio. Then I had an hour to edit all the footage to make a sequence, render it, then upload to Wetransfer. To be downloaded to the venue and the four clips assembled ready for playing out.

It was played out as “live” at a presentation delivered by Prince Charles to a large local audience and streamed live back to the four venues, where our interviewees were part of the audience.

Manchester City Interviews

city-tv-editingOther times it’s not so demanding. From the start of the 2016 football season, I film a couple of interviews from football players after the Manchester City home games, on a regular basis. This is filmed in front of a chromakey green screen. There are three versions of sponsors background to be keyed onto the edited interview. It’s then sent direct to the sponsors as quickly as possible after the match to be used on their websites.

Client Assisted Editing

freelance-cameraman-editingOften the edit isn’t as hurried, as the client only needs a rough edit after their presentation. This can be done on my own at a spare desk in an open plan office, listening on headphones. Or the client sometimes sits in on the edit and may guide the cuts as to what information is relevant or not.

No matter where the edit takes place I always enjoy the experience. As with most things of an artistic nature, often the process is taken over and becomes a life force of its own!

But I always have a good feeling when I create, from nothing something almost tangible. And the hope is that it moves people emotionally and leaves them with a lasting warm feeling or it moves the audience to an action.

Conference Event Wrap Up

freelance-cameraman-editWhat I also like about editing is finding a piece of music that allows the pictures to tell a story. When it’s right the pictures and music really create an experience, almost of a different dimension. This technique is often used at the end of a conference event, as a final roundup and conclusion of the day. I love it!

Do you Need a Fast Turnaround Edit?

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