Lambeth Road Bus Lane PCN

If you too have a PCN from Lambeth council for leaving the Novotel car park and turning left, then read this from Andrea. She has posted on my YouTube page about an identical scenario and had the PCN revoked. This is great news in 2020 for everyone caught on this camera. The following is a quote from her comment on my YouTube channel.

Here’s how to win your case!

Andrea Charles2 Hi everyone. Just been to my tribunal to argue my case against my PCN. I won the appeal. 😀 The adjudicator agreed that a solid white line , on its own, is not enough signage to indicate a bus lane. That was the main crux of why I won. I had only ever driven from the embankment to the Novotel and back again and so he agreed I could not have been aware of signs posted further along the road at, eg Sail Street. He also agreed that the markings heading towards the embankment are, as we all know, out of sight to the driver when exiting the Novotel. Common sense has finally prevailed. I have no idea what this means for everyone else who has already paid a PCN, following exactly the same route in and out of the Hotel as me, but it must mean the council cannot make this charge stick anymore. There needs clarification on this. I will write to the council about it. Feel like we are getting somewhere with it though.

New Bus Lane Sinage

The council has stated that it has recently painted the words BUS LANE in the bus lane to show the adjudicators that they have added new sinage. If you look at the photographs below you can almost see where they have placed the words. You would think they would have put them outside the Novotel exit to assist motorists in keeping out of their bus lane… But no!

Look at photograph two to see exactly where they have “hidden” their new sign. Yes it’s 30 meters away, directly underneath their camera, and it is outside the hotel, but of no help what so ever to guide the hapless motorist exiting the car park to avoid their cash cow bus lane. If you still don’t believe the council are the “bad guys” then this act of defiance proves my very point.

Photographs kindly provided by Alfonso Ristorato

Look left, no signs at the car park exit…
… ah there it is right under there camera!

“The words BUS LANE have been painted, not directly outside the car park exit but a bit before.”

Alfonso Ristorato Novotel Manager

Earlier in 2019

It’s 2019 now and I have had many comments on this post and on YouTube about this bus lane issue. There is some good news from a YouTuber called ‘sean rof’ that has been caught with the same camera and given a Lambeth Road Bus Lane PCN. He is going to attend the adjudicator hearing in person in London. Sean has asked if he can use my video to show the adjudicator exactly what the council have done to entrap unsuspecting motorists like us! I wish him all the success in his endeavours at this meeting. Please re-visit this page to get the latest update on the outcome of his bus lane PCN.

Download Your PCN Response

Sean has kindly supplied his successful PCN Response for you to Download Here. Please amend to your own circumstances when submitting your defense.

Quote from YouTube

Hi Tim. I recently received a ticket for the same ‘offence’ just before xmas. My wife left the car at the Novotel the day before, and was taken ill, so I went to collect the car in the morning. I performed the same man-oeuvre as you, and received a ticket. I appealed online, but it was rejected and I was told to pay the full amount. In the rejection letter, the guy talks about how well signed it is for being a bus lane further down the road. How is that supposed to help me , when I am picking up the car and never driven on this road before ? I am never gaining an advantage when the roads are clear at 9am on a Sunday , have never received a ticket in my life or purposely driven in a bus lane. When I look to my left it just looks like a pedestrian crossing, so I drove through it. When I saw the bus lane signs, I pulled out. I think its outrageous that people are being unwittingly scammed, especially with the position of the councils camera. If my second appeal , which I have just posted, is rejected, I wont pay as you have done. I will take the day off work and go to a private adjudicator. I would rather lose a days money ( more than £130 ), than pay for this. I have provided a link to this video in my latest appeal to Lambeth. Could you please also give your permission that I use it at a private adjudication, should that arise ? Thanks Tim.

sean rof

Also Sean has given a link to a forum discussing this case in great detail. New victims of this camera will find lots of good information regarding appealing this case…

How I got my PCN back in 2016…

All motorists should respect bus lanes as they help to speed up public transport. But when bus lanes are designed as entrapment lanes then respect goes out of the window. Five years ago, approximately 321,000 bus lane fines or ‘infringement tickets’ were issued. But last year that figure had climbed to over one million, raising around £30 million in revenue for cash-strapped councils. Have a look at my video below and see if you agree.


Music: Frothy-Tinkling by Setuniman at

“Some people believe that many local authorities use bus lanes as a tool to generate much needed revenue. We have seen many adjudicators’ decisions where the local authority have been criticised for overzealous enforcement. The cost of a penalty charge for a bus lane contravention in London rose in April 2011 to £130. This is 50% more than a fixed penalty for shoplifting! In the rest of the country the cost is either £60 or £70. However, as we have discovered, much enforcement is carried out erroneously or even illegally – for example many bus lanes are longer than they should be and not marked or signed correctly, yet the enforcing authority continue to issue penalty charge notices – often illegally.” ~Quote from

I was working in London at the Park Plaza on the Embankment. The nearest parking place was a short walk away on Lambeth Road, at the Novotel just south of the river.

I parked there at around 8am and returned to pick the car up after 5pm. I drove out of the exit and straight onto a bus lane (which I didn’t realise was a bus lane) and turned left. There was a line of traffic I assumed were turning right at the roundabout. The Zebra crossing zigzag lines also masked the idea of a bus lane. It wasn’t until I drove around the corner that I saw in big letters in the road BUS LANE. I maneuvered around that to turn left at the roundabout to pick up my colleagues further on.

Today I had a brown envelope with a Lambeth Penalty Charge Notice, stating that I had contravened the bus lane and was directed to a website that had pictures of my misdemeanor. They wanted £130 for the penalty which is reduced to £65 if I pay up before 28 days. Talk about highway robbery! So I decided to contest the charge notice and began writing my defense document.


The first thing I did was to check out the scene of the “crime” on Googles Street View. I had a look around and couldn’t find any evidence of bus lane signage. Then I discovered a different view of the very same street from an earlier time. And there was my defense. They had resurfaced the road, complete with white lines but what they hadn’t done was to add the earlier red bus lane which is a complete and obvious “No No” to any driver.

The council did not have a bus lane camera when Google took this picture because it is clearly absent on the street lamp further down.

Lambeth Road before resurfacing
The Novotel parking exits directly onto a bus lane. Here shown clearly by being painted red.

Here is the same exit onto a completely unmarked and unsigned bus lane. Tell me, would you realise you were entering a bus lane from all you could see here? I think it is grossly unfair as they have taken away the red lane and added a camera just to entrap in-experienced drivers on this particular exit. Link to Google Street View

Lambeth Road after resurfacing
The Novotel parking exits directly onto a bus lane. Here without a red lane, looks just like any other lane.

I am considering emailing this information the the desk staff at Novotel so they can warn drivers of the immediate dangers once out of their premises. I think it is grossly unfair if the Lambeth authorities reject my claim and I have to pay them £65 for my ignorance of their scam, because that’s exactly what it is!

Critics accuse councils of using funds raised by bus lane fines to make up for the shortfall in local budgets, as unlike with speeding fines, the revenue goes to local authorities. The total value of penalty notices issued for bus lane infringements in England and Scotland last year was £76m.

This has made me so angry especially after reading the following article from Sky news about the new bus lane scams popping up around the country:

Here’s the red bus lane before they re-surfaced the road and put the cameras in. I see a bus lane now!

The ping pong game called PCN

The PCN landed on my doormat on the 2nd August 2016 and the following back and forth letters are documented here. Because there is so much information on this post I have condensed the appeal and rejection letters into the following “Accordion.”

Click the + button to reveal content

Informal Appeal - 4 August 2016

I wrote an informal appeal in the hope that they would look kindly on my misfortune and remove the PCN.

Lambeth Parking Services
Po Box 4525
BN13 1XT

04 August 2016
Penalty Charge Notice: xxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Sir / Madam

Further to my recent reception of your penalty notice I would like to informally challenge the issue of it and ask that any penalties should be waived due to the following circumstances.
As you can see from the first picture I was clearly exiting from the Novotel Hotel parking area into Lambeth Road. My intention was to turn left and left again at the roundabout to pick up colleagues at the Park Plaza along the embankment.

1. When leaving the Novotel parking exit there is no sineage to say you are entering a bus lane
2. The immediate zigzag lines give no indication of a bus lane.
3. The first sign of a bus lane is around the corner clearly painted in the road and has a blue bus lane sign from 7am to 7pm. Only when seeing this did it register with me that there was a bus lane and I took due notice of it and avoided when approaching the roundabout.
4. I honestly had no Idea I had entered a bus lane in the fist place.

The attached documents show the difference in road surface markings before the recent resurfacing of Lambeth Road outside the Novotel Hotel where I was parked and entered the bus lane.

I hope you will agree that there are now insufficient warnings to motorists exiting the Novotel car park to waive any penalty charge notices.

Thanking you in anticipation of the waiver and for your help and understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Hollingworth
Please see attached documents to my letter of challenge


As you can clearly see on the above picture, I am leaving the Novotel Hotel car parking entrance and there is no other choice but to enter what I now understand to be the Lambeth Road bus lane. There are no signs whatsoever to show you are entering a bus lane.

Because my intention was to turn left at the roundabout a few hundred yards away, I kept in the left hand lane to turn left. I could see a line of cars in the right hand lane, (as is shown in the picture) which I presumed would be turning right at the roundabout. At this point I still did not know I was in a bus lane.

As you can also see immediatly after the turn are the Zebra crossing zigzag lines which do not indicate the presence of a bus lane.

I only discovered the Lambeth Road bus lane around the corner where it is clearly painted in the road, BUS LANE and has a blue sign saying from 7am to 7pm which I duly avoided once I saw the signs.

Informal Appeal Rejected - 23 September 2016

My polite attempt at challenging the PCN has been rejected, as I suspected it would. I believe the authority are hoping that the threat of losing £130 for appealing against the PCN will stop motorists from the bother of going through the appeal process.

Here is the rejection letter from Lambeth:


DATE OF ISSUE Friday, July 22, 2016 17:21
LOCATION Lambeth Road (W)
CONTRAVENTION 34j – Being in a bus lane

Dear Mr Hollingworth,
Thank you for writing to us about the above Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Our Decision
I have read the details of your letter and lam satisfied that the PCN was issued correctly and that there-are no grounds for
me to cancel it. This letter is issued as a rejection of your challenge.

Why was the PCN issued?
The PCN was issued as your vehicle was seen driving along the bus lane when it was restricted.

Our Reason for rejecting your challenge
In Lambeth you are not allowed to drive in bus lanes at certain times of the day The start of the bus lane is clearly marked at the road-side by a sign detailing the operational hours. There also are markings and/or a thick white line on the road surface separating the bus lane from the general traffic lane.
We enforce bus lanes because it is importantthat they are kept free for buses, so that they are not delayed by other vehicles or stuck in traffic. This way we get the very best from both public transport and our road system and are able to provide the thousands of commuters who use are bus routes every day with a fast and reliable service.

I have read your letter and noted your comments. I have also reviewed the CCTV footage of the incident. These clearly show your vehicle entering the bus lane and driving along it for some time.

Please see photographic evidence enclosed. You can also view your CCTV footage by following this link:

I read and noted your comments, whilst I appreciate that mistakes can be made, however, l am unable to cancel this PCN at this time.

So, what’s my next step in this saga?

On the reverse of the letter it says what will happen next if I disagree with their findings which I most certainly do! So it looks like I will be waiting for the NtO/EN which should be arriving fairly soon…

What can you do now?
Pay for the PCN
We have reset the PCN to the reduced rate for a further 14 days from the date ol this letter. Please pay £65 by Saturday, 27 August 2016. lf we do not receive payment the charge will increase to the full rate at £130. If payment is not received within 28 days, a Notice to Owner (NtO) will be sent to the registered keeper. The How to Pay section tells you how you can do this. Please note you are unable to pay for the PCN and then challenge It furher. Once payment is made me case is closed.

Wait for the Notice to Owner (NtO)/Enforcement Notice (EN)
If you are not happy with the outcome of this challenge, you should wait for the NtO/EN. We will issue the NIO/EN to the registered keeper of the vehicle because they are liable for any unpaid PCNs. This will allow you to submit a formal representation against the PC . Please note if your representation is unsuccessful the registered keeper of the vehicle will have no pay the full rate. The NtO/EN will give you more infomation on how to do this.

Enforcement Notice Arrives - 28 September 2016

Yet more paperwork has arrived today called the Enforcement Notice which says I can now make another challenge but this time it has to be a Formal Representation in writing to Lambeth Parking Services, before I can appeal to a traffic adjudicator. This will need to be done online at with a Verification Code which I will find, only on the notice of rejection, which I am assuming will be rejected again.

Formal Appeal Sent - 30 September 2016

I didn’t make a great deal of effort on the formal Appeal as I knew it would be rejected a second time. Any way forward could only be made through the independant adjudicators. So I filled in the form they had sent and returned it with a black and white aerial view of the street from Google Earth.

Formal Appeal Rejected - October 10th 2016

The latest news is that the official appeal has been rejected as I thought it would. I have scanned the returned paperwork if anyone would like to read their reasons for the rejection. But here below is a quote from the rejection letter. Note my highlighted parts that are incorrect at the exit from the Novotel.

Our Reason for Rejecting your Representation
The start of the bus lane is clearly marked at the road-side by a blue sign detailing the operational hours. There are also markings and or a thick white line on the road surface separating the bus lane from the general traffic lane.

We enforce bus lanes because it is imponant that they are kept free for buses, so that they are not delayed by other vehicles or stuck in traffic. This way we get the very best from both public transpon, our road system and we are able to provide all our commuters who use our buses every day with a fast and reliable service.

Your comments have been noted; however, l can confirm that there are signs at the location. The sign and markings at the location are clearly posted and visible.

The bus lane is clearly marked with thick white demarcation lines and the time plates by the bus lane show the hours the bus lane is in use. The red tarmac and the thick white line that separates the bus lane from the rest of the carriageway also identify the bus lane. A vehicle is not allowed to use a bus lane during the restriction time unless the sign indicates you may do so. The law is that bus lanes are to be kept clear of other traffic at all operational times.

View the Rejection PDF File

View the Appeal PDF File

My immediate thoughts

I like how they say that the START of the bus lane is clearly marked! It may well be clearly marked for those that are are approaching the hotel from the South, but I approached from the North and never saw any bus lane signs on my arrival. And even less on my departure 8 hours later! They also mentioned the red tarmac bus lane which does not now exist as the road was resurfaced in late 2015. This is also clearly not in existance as it not visible in their own evidence against me in the PCN photograph. The thick white line is the only indication of a bus lane which is further camouflaged by the Zebra Crossing’s zigzag lines, only a few feet away from the exit of the car park.

Grounds of appeal

“These are the ONLY grounds on which an Adjudicator can allow an appeal.”

Well they don’t seem to have given much grounds to appeal, I would like to have seen an unfair box to tick but the best we can do is the second option which says:

There was no breach of the bus lane order/regulation
“e.g. the vehicle was not in a bus lane during it’s hours of operation or the bus lane restrictions were not properly signed”

If you join a bus lane from a car park exit how are you supposed to know that it is a bus lane (apart from a thicker white line) and furthermore, how do you know the times of operation if they only have the blue sign at the beginning of the bus lane?

I now have 28 days to compile my report to the Adjudicators. I prefer to do the online option rather than filling in their paper form. There is a further option to appear in person at the Adjudicator hearing which will last approximately 20 minutes. Considering that I live almost 200 miles away in Yorkshire I think I will give that last option a miss, due to the considerable time and expense that it would incurr.

Here is the link to the Adjudicator online or as they call it the Appellant portal:

This is an extract from the form

There is a lot of information to get your head around but by now I was pretty much entrenched in fighting my corner “Right over Might” so I carried on determined to make an indepth appeal to the adjudicators. Now I was armed with the correct code I could begin my plan of attack.

Create a new appeal

You should only create an appeal if you have received a Notice of Rejection letter from the authority that issued you the Penalty Charge Notice.

Provide your appeal details

What type of ticket are you appealing against? (mandatory)

Indicate the type of appeal you would like to make by clicking on the relevant appeal type below (note that this information has been grouped by tribunal and according to the relevant legislation, which appears in italics beneath each group)

You may complete an electronic version of the Notice of Appeal form and upload electronic copies of documents or photographs held on your own personal computer to support the appeal through our appellant portal. It is not currently possible to appeal online against a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) issued by Transport for London. It is anticipated that this element of the service will be available from early 2017 and in the meantime you can still appeal by post.

You will need the details contained on the Notice of Rejection, vehicle registration and PCN number to appeal online.

To ensure the integrity of our electronic systems, we do refresh them every Sunday at 8pm. This may result in a very short time when the appellant portal is unavailable. If this does happen, please try again as it will be unavailable only for a few minutes.

Online Submission to Adjudicators - 20th October 2016

I have created a six page PDF for my appeal complete with my descriptive text and appropriate pictures and uploaded it to the adjudicators via their website. PDF Document

Here is the automated reply to my online submission…

Dear Mr Hollingworth

Your case reference number is xxxxxxxxxxxx. This can be used to view the progress of your appeal online. It should also be included in any correspondence sent relating to the appeal. If you need to contact the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators please use the contact details below.

Phone: 020 7520 7200
Confirmation of evidence uploaded

Evidence – Evidence type
Appeal against PCN.pdf – Evidence for appeal

Wish me luck!!!

This is taken from their website showing all the relevent information that I submitted in order to appeal against the PCN. It’s taken a long time to get to this point and I thank all that has followed this post so far. Please be sure to come back after November 18th to see how we fared. There is one thing I would do differently. That is I would skip the informal appeal to Lambeth ang go straight to a formal appeal. This would speed things up by about 28 days.

From being snapped on the 22nd July 2016 it has taken to the 18th November 2016 to conclude this affair. That’s five months of messing about, let’s hope it’s worth it!!!

Good luck to all that want to appeal against this Highway Robbery!

NameMr Hollingworth
Addressxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx
Appeal typeBus lane contravention
Contact detailsPhone – xxxxxxxxxxxx
Mobile – xxxxxxxxxxxx
Email –
Grounds of appealThere was no breach of the bus lane order/regulation
Hearing typePostal
Hearing centreLondon Tribunals, Chancery Exchange, Ground Floor North, 10 Furnival Street, LONDON, EC4A 1AB
Requested hearing date00:00 – 00:00 Friday 18 November 2016
Number of evidence items uploaded1
Submitted date20/10/2016
Appeal stageAppeal
Appeal statusListed for hearing

Incredibe documents arrived on 5th November 2016

I cant believe what came through the post today, a whole wad of A4 documents from Lambeth. Some of them were my correspondence copied and re printed. There were 55 pages in all and included their argument to the adjudicators which didn’t change much from what they have already stated. But the thing that AMAZED me was that in their evidence they were using OLD 2015 pictures of Lambeth Road with the the previous bus lane PAINTED IN RED!!!!!

How crazy and misleading is that?

EIGHT photographs of a RED painted bus lane!

Also, they were STRETCHING the pictures sideways into a widescreen format (16:9) from a camera filming (4:3) aspect ratio! This gave an impression of ultra wide bus lane white lines, and my car looks like a stretched Limo!

Plus they had EIGHT photographs of the bus lane signs further back along Lambeth Road which I had not travelled on. They were either photographed with flash on the camera or touched up in photoshop making them stand out whilst all the rest of the image is blurred!

EIGHT shots of a RED painted bus lane, which didn’t exist when I came out of the car park!

There was also a nicely drawn diagram of all the signs along Lambeth Road for 1,100 feet or a 1/4 of a mile condensed into 9 inches. This was completely out of proportion and didn’t show the bend in the road or the tarpaulin scaffolding to the left when exiting the car park blocking the view of any bus lane indications.

Lambeth Evidence
Lambeth’s evidence showing the old red bus lane that is now in fact just black tarmac like the rest of the road! Click to Enlarge

I think I need to flag this up to the adjudicator before the 18th November 2016 when they judge my fate!

17 November 2016

I have uploaded some more evidence supporting my case against Lambeth and the old photos they are using to defend their case. If you want to read my PDF then please do.

Adjudicator Result - 18 November 2016

Waiting until 18 November 2016 for the result. I would really like to think that common sense prevails here, but all we can do now is wait and see…

The Adjudicators Result – 24 November 2016

Adjudicator’s Reasons
The issue here is the markings and signs for this bus lane. The Appellant who emerged from a Novotel hotel car park directly into the bus lane says there were no signs, bus lane legends or red tarmac visible where he entered it from the car park.

The parties have filed various photographs and sketches and the Appellent complains that the Enforcement Authority’s photographs are out of date. Accordingly, I have looked at google street view photographs taken this year. Whilst I agree with the Appellant that the tarmac is not red, there is no legal requirement for red tarmac. There is such a requirement for a thick white line which is there; in addition, there must be signs and bus lane legends at the start of the particular section of the bus lane and at intervals; these all appear to be place, before and after the Novotel car park. There is no requirement for the Enforcement Authority to place signs in the private car park warning of a bus lane and in fact they would have no legal right to do so. The Appellant must have accessed the Novotel car park across th bus lane and would have passed the signs and legends as he drove along the Lambeth Road towards the hotel.

I am satisfied that this bus lane was compliantly and adequately signed and marked.

Michael Lawrence
21st November 2016

My thoughts on the result

Obviously I am disappointed with the outcome as to me it seems very unfair. The adjudicator has clearly not read the part that says I travelled South from the Embankment to the Novotel car park on Lambeth Road which does not have a bus lane in that direction. I am not in the habit of driving forward and looking over my shoulder to read the road signs for the opposing traffic! What has the world come to, if you have to do that…?

The other thing is that I parked early in the morning at 8am and picked my car up after 5pm, 9 hours later. Am I supposed to remember the opposing traffic signs for all that time?

If Lambeth really don’t want traffic in their bus lanes they should tell drivers so. Not wait until they transgress and fine them. I would imagine that a bit of road paint would last many years and not cost as much as a cctv camera system and also do a better job of keeping their lanes clear.

If they make a lot of money fining drivers then you will find that there will be even more cameras catching even more drivers doing even more petty crimes in the future!

Thanks for flushing my hard earned £130 down the toilet.

So what can we do now?

I am now contemplating very seriously creating a petition to stob this bullyboy tactic on 38 degrees website.

If you are interested in this idea and have any suggestions that will help the cause I would really look forward to hearing from you. Please add your comments at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your support.

Tim hollingworth

Thank you (Step 6 of 6)

Total £130.00

Payment reference: xxxxxx

Date/time: 02/12/2016 12:15

Card holder: Tim Hollingworth

Payment card number * xxxx, Auth Code xxxxx

In conclusion

The whole exercise has cost me £130.00, but I have made a video which makes me feel much better!

  • We’ve seen the council place a surveillance camera pointing at the only exit that has no signage.
  • We have seen that they have removed the ‘bus lane defining’ red asphalt.
  • And we’ve also noted the distinct lack of bus lane signage on the exit of the car park.

All in all, I feel that it adds up to a blatent case of entrapment, which I think results in, HIGHWAY ROBBERY

What do you think? Please leave your comments below, thank you.


28 thoughts on “Lambeth Road Bus Lane PCN”

  1. These aren’t mistakes made by Lambeth Council – they are what it exists for.
    Local government views people not as citizens or customers, but as prey.
    We exist only to be taxed, in as many and ingeniously varied ways as councillors and officials can dream up. Local government screams about cuts, but doesn’t try to achieve better outcomes with fewer resources, i.e. improve productivity, something that private companies continuously do.
    Local government is effectively a compulsory state-enforced monopolistic protection racket – we don’t have a choice of providers for the various activities it carries out. So without any competition, why should Councils bother to try harder? If you’re unsatisfied with Lambeth services, you can’t withdraw your custom as you would with a normal business that was underperforming. Try that and you will be jailed.

  2. Dear Tim,

    I found your nice article on getting a PCN for driving in the bus lane
    outside the Lambeth Novotel.

    Exactly the same thing has happened to me – exiting the Novotel car park.

    Absolutely infuriating!

    I am curious whether your appeal against the PCN was successful?

    Best regards,


  3. Dear Mr Hollingworth,

    I am dealing with the exact same thing right now. Have you made a representation yet and what was the outcome?

    I think it is absolutely disgusting how citizens are being treated in the light of bad road planning.


  4. Dear Sir

    Today i have just received a penalty charge for entering the bus lane after exiting the Novotel carpark having taken a look at your work i’m ready to take on Lambert council but where do i start? I can’t see is you got the claim dropped please advise.


  5. Hi Tim, hope it’s ok to resurrect this one, but I’ve also just received a PCN a for doing exactly the same thing.
    Had driven all the way up from Kent, had horrendous news about my sons health an hr earlier at the hospital & now a £65/£130 ticket .
    I’ve never driven in a bus lane in my life, but found the exit out of the Novotel very confusing exactly the same as you’ve described.
    I’m gutted

  6. Hi Steve
    Yes I know just how you feel!!!
    I battled for several months to get off this particular hook, without success.
    Maybe if I had turned up at hearing I could have explained myself better in person?
    Anyway I didn’t, as I was pretty confident they would see the injustice. (Head & brick wall spring to mind!)
    I would be most interested (if you are challenging this PCN) to hear how you get on and I wish you the very best of luck if you do give it a go.
    But I honestly suggest you save some money and cough up the cash as I believe you will inevitably lose, as I did.

    My conclusion is: THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED!

    Hope your son is on the mend soon, do keep in touch either way.
    Kind Regards
    Tim Hollingworth

    1. Sadly I did not win! It seemed to me that that the table was tilted in their favour! I have since been to London and I filmed around the area doing a running commentary which I will upload to this page when I complete the edit. Thank you for enquiring and I was wondering if you had a similar running with the bus lane, if so Ihope you were fortunate enough to have avoided the fine. Tim

  7. I experienced exactly the same issue with entering the bus lane after exiting the hotel car park. I did not have any idea about the bus lane since I entered the hotel from the same direction I left. I unsuccessfully challenged the PCN and have just paid £65 unfair penalty to Lambeth council.
    I haven’t noticed any note left on the gate of the hotel. I booked the place online via JustPark. There was nothing mentioned about this issue in the website. I am going to leave a review of my experience there so sad I cannot do anything else.

    1. Many thanks for your valuable contribution and sincere condolences for your unfair PCN payment. I find it all very unbelievable that Lambeth Council refuse to understand the issues that they have created.

    1. I would like to hear your story of how you avoided being sucked into the black hole that seems to be surrounding the Lambeth bus lane. Please do let us know as many people would benefit from your invaluable experience. Well done you!!!

    1. Hi Mircea,
      Thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated. I think the public is getting wise to the councils now. I have a friend that is starting a petition to regulate the councils unfair fines. I and many more will be signing I hope you will too. Thanks again. Tim

  8. Still happening! I received a notice dated 14 November for an infringement on 28 October (a Sunday afternoon). Yes, it’s me. I’d parked in the layby in the front of the hotel as I shall be staying there later this year and was wondering about parking facilities! I suspect I’m just beyond the 20m grace (Vehicles turning left are not issued a PCN unless they travel more
    than 20 metres in the bus lane before turning.). I agree with the comments about the hotel doing something. And I shall be coming and going in the dark.

    There is a bit of an urban myth that speeding tickets have to be issued within 14 days of the offence. Does the same apply to PCNs?

    1. Hi Jim, sorry you’ve been cought out too, you are NOT alone! I found this on the web so it looks it is different from speeding fines, unfortunately.
      “(1) Subject to the provisions of this section, no penalty charge notice may be served under this Act after the expiry of the period of 28 days beginning with the date on which the alleged contravention or failure to comply ocurred.”

      Also, looking on Google street view, it looks like they have changed the lane from a Mon-Sat to a Mon-Sun, earlier this year 2018. They are obviously getting greedy and wanting more cash!

    2. Yes I’m afraid the camera will continue to catch people out and earn the council money. Unfortunately it seems it’s not about keeping the bus lane free its about filling their greedy pockets.

      Many thanks for your contact.

  9. Dr Glenn Wilson

    Just got a ticket under exactly the same circumstances. Came from the drop-off point outside the Novotel and had no idea I was in a bus lane. Maybe time to contact a TV journalist to take up the case. Thank you for all the work you have put in an attempt to get justice for us all.

    1. Hi Glenn
      Sorry you were caught out like so many others. And yes they haven’t added any more sineage to warn us unsuspecting motorists because the want our money. This just proves they don’t care about informing the the public, they just want to trap us into coughing up £60 or if you attempt to argue your case you will lose like I did and they get £130 for their “troubles.” It’s blatantly just not fair!!!

  10. I am yet another mug caught by Lambeth Rd camera on my motorcycle. Every other council bus lane coming into London are ok for motorcycles. False sense of security !!! PCN comes in the post. What a joke.

  11. lijo Joseph vazhappilly

    Even now issue exist. No marking on bus lane and camera clicks when you turn from car park. No evidence of driving 20 meters.

    Very disappointed

  12. Just been stung by Lambeth council for driving in bus lane – this time Clapham park road. turning left taking the most obvious route going to the left of the traffic island (which unknown to me was a bus lane). Quick bit of research uncovers that this is the most profitable camera in Britain catching over 27000 unfortunate drivers every year. There must be an argument that if this many people are making the same mistake that I did I cannot be adequately signposted (I had no idea until I received the brown envelope). Any to the point I would like to know how long does it take to receive confirmation that they have rejected my informal appeal? thanks.

  13. Just had a similar Penalty Charge Notice as Florence for being in a bus lane on Clapham Park Road. I wasn’t sure of the route as I live in Kent, but suddenly realised I needed to turn left at the traffic lights. There seemed to be a filter lane to go left so I joined this after checking that traffic was clear. It was a Sunday so very quiet. I didn’t realise it was a bus lane and was only in it for a few metres. I wonder if any point in challenging the charge?

    1. I’m sorry to hear that, but sadly you are not alone. It does look like it’s been created to catch out motorists who are not local. And the are getting greedy by adding the Sunday closure.

      I don’t know if people have managed to escape the pcn, I shall look into it… It’s a pity satnav’s don’t have these bus lanes marked as no go areas.

      Maybe I should make a video of this money making junction too!

  14. I’ve been caught on bus lane,on Lambeth road,like many others,exiting from the novotel car park!
    My problem is,that ,on the 1st of march i changed my adress,on the 2nd of march i was visiting London,when i got fined,i never received a letter since then ,but today,when i saw that i have to pay 278 £, for a notice of enforcement!
    So,in 7 months, not even a letter with the penalty charge,definetly iwould pay it straight away!
    So,they were unable to post me a letter at my new adress,but they found me straight away with the notice of enforcement!
    Pure robbery!

  15. This might grind a bit… some people caught here have had their appeals upheld! Clearly different adjudicators take different view – which is not what I call even justice. One of the issues is that Lambeth think that the Bus Lane continues into the zig-zag lines. Some adjudicators agree, some don’t. A really interesting and successful appeal can be seen at and search for case number 2170474513 decided by Adjudicator Jack Walsh.

    We really need some clarity on this bit of road… it should not depend on the toss of a coin which adjudicator you get and how they personally interpret road markings. Not Justice. Not Fair.

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