Kirklees Learning Disability Week 2016

June 21st to the 25th was Kirklees Learning Disability Week. My task was to film each event and make a short video to capture an overview of the week. I had a little help on a couple of occasions as I had previous bookings to honour. Dave covered the football event and James covered the bunting competition.  I met up with James in the bus station and I interviewed the lovely Nicola while he captured the colour.

Five days into less than five minutes

The biggest problem was condensing all the weeks footage down to a couple of minutes. I did it by choosing a piece of music from to represent the week long event. I chose all the personal fun highlights and then cut them in with the flow and rhthm of the music track. There was a natural middle quiet part that lended itself to some interviewed audio. There were many great little interviews to choose from but the winner for me was Nicola. She was very natural and eager to appear in front of my camera. I wish all my interviewees were so keen!

Despite some poor weather conditions we all had a great week seeing what activites these wonderful people get up to and sharing a bit of love and understanding with the population of Kirklees. Well done to everyone that took part in the Kirklees Learning Disability Week 2016!

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