Just What The Dr Ordered

This was an interesting project as a joint producer with Damon Fowler Productions. It was for a short promotional film to be the welcome video on the Arora Medical Education YouTube channel and home page website.

The welcome video on Arora Medical Education website and YouTube Channel

It was shot in two parts. The first was in Solihul at one of Dr Amans student workshops. Here we captured footage of students completing their mock exam in the morning and the question and answer session in the afternoon. We also managed to capture several interviews with the students willing to give their testimonial.

The second shoot was at the offices of Dr Aman. Here we captured several scenes of him busy demonstrating all aspects of his work and of course his piece to camera (PTC) explaining all the intricacies of his training modules of which there are many.

Editing The Snappy Video

The brief was to make the video as short as possible. Unfortunately we ran over slightly with the projected time but ended up with a very snappy video complete with text and graphics and lots of great content. The music was supplied by the YouTube music library and called Universal by Vibe Tracks.

Screen grab of the editing process used to create the promo video

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