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iPhone gets hot and battery life is poor

If you are like me and have the iPhone 4s and recently upgraded the software to iOS 8 then you may have the same problem as myself. I have found that since updating from iOS 6 to iOS 7 and now iOS 8 that the battery is running down very quickly and there is a big temperature increase to the point of becoming hot and the iPhone software is sluggish.

I did a Google search for “iOS 8 iPhone is hot and has poor battery life.” Google comes up with a lot of posts with the very same problem. Their solution has been to go into the iPhone settings and hit the reset button.

This has worked for me for a short time fix but not as a long term solution. So I decided to look into this problem before I lose my patience and take a ball pein hammer to make a permanent end to this issue!

So do try this fix, it seems to have done the trick for me, it may work for you too.

First turn off all the background apps by double clicking the HOME button then sliding upwards each of the Ap pages until they all disappear. Then charge the iPhone overnight or untill you get a 100% charge.

(To turn the Battery Percentage indicator on, first go to SETTINGS then GENERAL and press USAGE then slide BATTERY PERCENTAGE switch to on.)

Now go into the iPhone SETTINGS again. Hit GENERAL and then USAGE followed by BATTERY USAGE. It will show the Time Since Last Charge. This is broken up into: Usage and Standby time.

Under this will be the Battery Usage which if you wait a moment will calculate which App has been working the longest as a percentage since the last full charge. In my case the top app was BT-WIFI. I was surprised as I hadn’t even looked at it or run it. This means that this Ap was running the CPU into overdrive and heating up the phone and therefore wasting the valuable battery time. So I deleted it! The iPhone seems to be behaving its self as a result. It’s, not getting hot and it’s not losing battery life. Also it seems to function faster and smoother as a result of deleting the runaway App.


All is still not well as I thought I had fixed it. I have discovered that I cannot turn off the iPhone. I slide the power off icon and it dos seem to go through the motions of powering down as the screen goes black. Then suddenly the apple logo appears and boots up again! How strange.

The ball pein hammer is looking more advantageous by the minute!

Good luck hope this may have helped you.

If you have any better ideas then please leave a comment below.

Many thanks.


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