Interview With Medium Rhys Wynn Davies

The other day I filmed an interview with International psychic Medium, Rhys Wynn Davies. Presenter, Diana Luke asked questions of the famous Australian for the 15 minute interview. This is number two in the series of psychic interviews that myself and Diana have recorded.

I shot the interview with two cameras. One camera had the 70-200mm lens and  was focussed on Rhys and recorded his sound, with the usual Sennheiser radio mike. The other camera with the 24-105 lens was set on Diana and again the Sennheieser tie clip microphone performed really well.

My two LED panel lights lit the scene, both being out of shot behind each person. This worked well as each light provided both a backlight and a key light.

Synching the audio tracks

The edit was pretty straightforward. Track one had Rhys’s video and layered above was the interviewers track. Both audio channels are easily synced together. This is done by temporarily increasing the audio level on the beginning of Rhys’s audio track and pressing alt and left right arrows to align the audio waveforms so they match up.

Freelance Cameraman Editing the Interview With Medium Rhys Wynn Davies
Rhys on track one, Diana on track two and edited with opacity levels down to see layer underneath.

Editing the interview

Diana’s track was chopped at all the relevant question places with the opacity level turned down to allow Rhys’s lower layer video through. This kept the audio tracks in perfect sync while allowing for easy editing adjustments to the video track. It’s easy to see exactly where Diana asks the questions on audio track two. You could even edit the complete video by chopping either side of the modulated wave form and drop the opacity on video track two for each quiet part of the track.

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