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This Thetford N112 refrigerator is a great little fridge that works perfectly with three power sources. You can cool this this fridge on 12 volt DC power from your vehicle cable while you are towing with your car. Once your caravan is parked up and plugged into the site’s 240 volt AC ‘lecce’ to operate from the mains. Or if you are off grid it will work perfectly by its self with only a propane or butane gas supply. It does NOT need any other AC or DC input for the fridge to work to 100% efficiency. But you probably will want to connect a low wattage 12 volt supply to power the interior LED light to see inside your fridge when the door opens. It’s located under the ice box!

As you can see the fridge is very tidy and mainly in very good condition, but the only thing I would like to draw to your attention is on photo No. 7 of 17 there are a couple of screw holes being covered up by grey tape by the door locking mechanism. Whilst here there is a plastic locking arm that pops out and keeps the fridge door slightly ajar which I never knew about. You can just see it on picture No. 2 of 17 top left and it links into the slot on picture No. 7 of 17.


This little used Thetford N112 was removed from a 2005 Hobby caravan. The video below shows four settings on the control panel and the simple gas operation and ignition of the fridge, demonstrating that it is in fine working order and ready to be fitted into your motor home or caravan.
FOR SALE – The Thetford N112 Three Way Caravan Fridge – 100% Working

It has been tested on all three power sources and is in excellent working condition. As you can see the refrigerator has a stepped base to fit over the caravan road wheel. It goes without saying that this needs to be fitted by a registered and competent caravan gas fitter as a Co2 baffle also needs to be installed to keep poisonous Co2 gasses from entering the caravan living space.

Here is the Thetford family of fridges user manual including the N112:

Fridge Dimensions

The fridge dimensions are slightly complicated due to the rear workings and door from flush. This information has been taken from the N112 user manual and confirmed by by own measurements:
Height: 821mm or 32 inches
Width: 525mm or 20.5 inches
Box Depth: 450mm or 17.75 inches
+ Door Depth: 80mm or 3.25 inches
+ Rear Clearance: 110mm or 4.5 inches
Total Depth: 632mm or 25 inches
Weight: 26.5kg

Buyer Collects Only

We are not shipping this fridge unit as it is far too bulky to wrap and post but it can be picked up from three possible locations in the north, either Newark, Sheffield or Holmfirth.

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  1. Hi I’m just wondering if you still have this fridge for sale and if so what price would you be looking for, thanks, Dave.

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