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Dashcam Compilation – Close Encounters

Having had my dual camera dashcam Since February 17th, it has captured quite a few unexpected moments on my travels. So I thought I would edit all the clips together and make a five minute video called “Dashcam Compilation – Close Encounters.” On playback because of the 170° wide angle lens, it does tend to make it look like I’m travelling faster than I was in reality. On a different note, the built in microphone is exceptionally good and it has captured very clearly all my expletives at other drivers. (I have beeped out anything that may cause offence!) Hope you enjoy the experience of driving along with me…

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Dashcam Details

Dashcam Compilation – Close Encounters - Aukey DR02 DI saw a review from a YouTuber called TechMoan of this camera and was impressed with it’s performance. If you want to see his review it’s below. But for all you technical buffs out there here are the specifications of the Aukey DR02 D dual camera dashcam.

AUKEY Dash Cam Dual 1080P HD Front and Rear Dash Cam 6-Lane 170° Wide-Angle Lens, Supercapacitor, WDR Night Vision Car Camera with G-Sensor, Loop Recording and Dual-Port Car Charger. Available from Amazon.

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