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If you are wanting to put testimonial videos on your website then here’s how to create and edit the best selfie testimonials by simply using your own phone and editing software. Or if you don’t think you could create good content after reading how to create the best testimonial selfies using your phone, then you could always employ me to shoot and edit the testimonial, as shown further down this page. But first here are the simple instructions for perfect results for you to embed video testimonials on your website page, as shown using this template…

Client Testimonial Video Template .png Quote
Blank template caption quote .png for use in editing your client testimonial video

Using Your Mobile Phone Camera

I have found that to record the best sound, (without resorting to a tie-clip microphone) give your phone to your client to hold and set the camera, front facing. This will give you several advantages over the conventional method of you trying to do the filming.

The client will take control of the filming and become instantly more confident. They will also be looking down the lens (at themselves on the screen) and recording close up sound which is vital for a quality testimonial. They are able to see themselves looking good. If possible flip the image so it feels like they are holding a mirror and not at a phone. This way they will be used to seeing themselves as they always do in the bathroom mirror.

How the Filming and Editing

Client Testimonial Video Editing Software
Screen grab of a simple testimonial edit using the template .png on video track 2

You will be present to get them to start speaking to the phone. They need to start by saying their name and job title at their company. Then they can give you their honest testimonial, ideally a bit of passion and emotion needs to come over to guarantee that viewers will believe what they are saying.

Usually you will get a good response on the first take but always ask for another take and suggest that is kept more succinct and to the point.

Never, NEVER, ever get them to write a script of their testimonial. They will not have written it how they speak and it will trip them up every time if they try to remember their scripted words. They are not professional actors they are your client. They know you and have a relationship with your business, so they will instinctively say what they FEEL about you and your business. Remember it’s passion we want to hear so we can believe that they are happy with your business and its people and so imbue confidence in the viewer with your goods and services.

Ask your Clients with an Email

If you like you can email your client and ask them if they will record a selfie video on their phone and transfer it to you through WhatsAp. Something like this…

Hi Lesley I am creating a video testimonial webpage with some of our top clients, like yourself. We are looking for honest responses to help promote our business. This may also help promote your company through the video. I will send you a link when the page is up and running. If you could find a suitable location as a backdrop for your company and talk to the phone in a classic ‘selfie.’

If you could just start with your name and job title, then give your honest testimonial of how you work and use our company and services. It can be as short or as long as you like, but as long as it conveys how you feel about us, that would be great. Thank you so much for your time and effort.

Sugested email content to send to your client

Editing the Video

Once you get the video downloaded you can edit it using this downloadable PNG Template caption. Simply put the testimonial video on track 1 of the time line in your editing software. On track 2 drop the template caption and stretch it to match the length of the testimonial. Now adjust the vertical and horizontal settings to move their face so it can be seen through the circle in the caption. Now in track 3 using the titleler mode, add their name and job description. On track 4 you could include their company logo to create an eye catching testimonial video, like you see below.

Testimonial by Leone Starr Director of The Wellness Team

Another Version

Here is another company, The Engagement Coach, that required a testimonial from their client, in this case Bupa. I feel that this style is groundbreaking in that it blends in as an integral part of your website page rather than being a stand alone video player on a page of text. In this particular case it was shot in the traditional way by myself with the Canon 5DmkIII camera and Sennheiser tie clip microphone. What do you think? Would a testimonial like this look good and be more watchable on your own website?

Testimonial shot and edited by myself for

Would You Like a Video Too?

But if you would prefer me to edit your testimonial video like this one above then get in touch and I will supply a no obligation quote for the work. Please get in touch by clicking this contact button.

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