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Behind The Scenes of A Homeserve Commercial

One of the fun things I enjoy doing is being a ‘fly on the wall.’ This time I was filming a behind the scenes video of the latest Homeserve TV Commercial. This was shot in Glossop in several locations. One was an interior and a second the exterior house scene with the distinctive Homeserve service van. Another was in the street with a runner and her dog crossing a bridge. Several others were shot in remote locations in the beautiful hills of the Peak District.

Freelance Cameraman Homserve

Behind The Scenes of A Homeserve Commercial – That’s me foreground filming a couple reading the storyboard

I Had an 18 page PDF of a storyboard that the creative department had envisaged, for me to recreate. Again I would need two cameras on the job. A time lapse camera was setup on a wide to capture the arrival of the Homeserve van and a picture taken every 30 seconds for several hours. It would mean starting in the morning 6:45am before the crew arrived and stopping after they had left for the second location at noon. Here they filmed the drone sequences of the runner in the hillside of  The High Peak District.

Freelance Cameraman Homserve

Behind The Scenes of A Homeserve Commercial – Spot the drone in the trees, top right

The brief was to capture as much footage as possible. They wanted arty shots of the action and production crew. With plenty of funny out-takes and quirky comedy moments, plus interviews with the director and producer. There was also a dog and his handlers featuring in the production, which produced some amusing canine antics.

Aeral Drone Scenes

A two man drone team was employed to produce several aerial shots of the runnder and dog in the countryside. Also the drone was used to capture some high action scenes of the Homeserve van along the country lanes.

I’ll embed the official YouTube promo video when it is released by The Sharp Agency Huddersfield.

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