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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Slope Soaring at Stanage Edge

I was driving over Stanage Edge after Christmas and was intrigued by the spectacular skills of the paragliders in the low winter sunshine. So I stopped and grabbed a few shots until the cold was too much to continue. Paragliders use ridge lift The term slope soaring or ‘ridge lift’ (or ‘slope lift’) is created […]

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Discover StoryMap JS Mapping

Northwestern University has created Story Map which is a fun way to create a route or record a country walk and integrate your photographs, text and even video. There are other examples where the background map is exchanged for an image of a famous painting and the route explains the story behind the painting in […]

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My Phone Not On Silent At Conference

Working as a cameraman at a recent conference, I forgot to put my phone on silent and the inevitable happened. Usually, I ask people to turn off, or at least have their phones on silent when I am filming an interview. This is a preventative measure as it may just ring at a very inappropriate […]

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Canon 70mm 200mm f4 Lens Focus Fix In 5 Mins

If you have one of these lenses, a Canon 70mm – 200mm f4, then you will know that they fail after a few years. The manual focus will seem disconnected from the focusing glass inside, while the auto-focus works annoyingly well. I bought mine secondhand from eBay and I remember it was slipping very slightly […]

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