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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Mindfulness Workshop

I was asked to record a Mindfulness Workshop Promotion video for my client Diana Luke. The venue was the beautiful Hassop Hall in Derbyshire’s peak District. The idea was to shoot a few vox pops of the delegates before the workshop and several more at the end of the days course. I also needed footage […]

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Bugaboo Diesel Denim

Most jobs come with a phone call. I had one yesterday at 14:09 from one of my regular clients, Leeds Media Services. They had a last-minute request from their London client to attend a shoot the very next day, today! They were already booked on another job and rang in the hope that I was […]

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Interview In Dublin

I got a call from a London company that wanted me to shoot an interview similar to a recent job that I did for them in York. I was asked to travel to Ireland on 11 th September 2015 and film their client for an upcoming conference. They had already tried to secure a local […]

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Custom Built Tripod Tube

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On previous flights I have had a damaged fluid head due to enthusiastic airport baggage handlers. Normally I would have a solid plastic flight tube to protect the tripod in the aeroplane hold. But I use a lightweight Manfrotto which only has a soft carry bag and I needed something a little more robust. What […]

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