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2015 Solar Eclipse Video

2015 Solar Eclipse Video

The solar eclipse by the moon happens frequently in the world, up to five times a year. But here in the UK we only see it every 15 or so years and we decided to see if we could capture it on video. This is my attempt.

Viewed from a high vantage point in the Derbyshire Peak District we were hoping for a good clear view of the event. It happened that the cloud formation gave us glimpses of the astronomical merging, which we were privileged to witness. I hope you enjoy seeing what we managed to capture as the Umbra passed over.

2015 Solar Eclipse Video — Filmed from The Peak District Derbyshire

2015 Solar Eclipse Video – Technical

It’s interesting to note that the moon is exactly the same size as the sun. The sun is 400 times further away from the earth but it is also 400 times larger than the moon so it appears the same size. This is not going to be the case for ever, as the moon is moving away from earth at 3.8cm ever year. So in a billion years time we will no longer see a full total eclipse, so enjoy it while you can.

For the technically minded viewers I used a Canon 5D mkIII with a Tamron 70 – 200mm with a 2X extension (400mm) telephoto lens. I added a 77mm diameter 8 stop variable neutral density filter and set the camera to 1/50th at f18 ISO-100 shooting at 25fps. The stills had a pixel size of 5760×3240.

2015 Solar Eclipse Video - iPhone photo of the eclipse ending.

2015 Solar Eclipse Video – iPhone photo of the eclipse ending.

Our exact location can be pinpointed (between the two boulders exactly where the green arrow shows) on a Google map copy and pasting these coordinates: 53.33457,-1.61517

Have a look on my YouTube Channel for more of my video work covering more than the last 10 years as a Freelance Cameraman.

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